Club Cruises

The Cruising boats of American Yacht Club represent one of the strongest fleets at our club.  The exact specifications of cruising boats vary by owner, but cruising boats tend to be more comfortable and stable under sail than racers.  We have a large amount of cruising sailboats and a number of cruising powerboats at the Club as well.
We organize multiple cruises throughout the year for both powerboats and sailboats.  There are local, regional, and international cruises that allow our members to sail their own boats, team up with friends, or charter boats in order to spend time with family, friends, and shipmates.

AYC 2018 Summer Cruise Itinerary and Dock/Mooring Info
As of 3.30.18

  1. Friday, 8/17: Pre-Cruise Raft Up; East Harbor;
  1. Saturday, 8/18: Stonington Opening Party; (Dodson’s Shed)
    1. Moorings and Dock space available at Dodson’s only by way of AYC website summer cruise signup; AYC will make a bulk reservation and bill each member; see AYC home page for link. VHF Ch. 78 For Launch Service
  2. Sunday, 8/19:Block Island (B. I. Maritime Center)
a.Payne’s Dock; call Sands Payne; 401-864-3832, or use Dockwa; Do not monitor VHF so call or hail them by voice when you arrive
b.Block Island Boat Basin; Call Ben Edwards; 401-466-2631; usually require two night  minimum, so do not sign up on-line, but Call Ben Edwards instead; he will waive the two-night minimum for AYC members; VHF Ch. 9
  1. Monday, 8/20: Cuttyhunk (BBQ and Bonfire)
    1. Dock Space; Cuttyhunk Town Marina; 508-990-7578 or after hours, 508-993-6490
    2. Moorings inside basin; first come, first served
    3. Moorings in outer harbor; first come, first served
    4. Anchoring in outer harbor; good holding ground; protected from South and West
  2. Tuesday, 8/21 and also Wednesday, 8/22: Edgartown (8/21 dinner EYC)
a.No dock space available
b.Moorings only through Dockwa
  1. Online sign up goes live on Thursday, March 1st at 0800 sharp
  2. Please set up your Dockwa account in advance
  3. Moorings go very quickly
iv.N.B. two days in Edgartown
  1. Wednesday, 8/22: Edgartown Lay Day
7.Thursday, 8/23: Tarpaulin Cove (Flag Officers’ Cocktail Party)
  1. Friday, 8/24: Newport, NYYC Wrap Up
a.NYYC; 401-846-1000; hail launch Navette on VHF 74
b.Ida Lewis; 401-846-1969 EXT 1, Julia Pai:
c.Oldport Moorings; first come, first served; hail them on VHF 68 for mooring or launch
d.Lees Wharf; dock space; 401-849-2293
e.Goat Island Marina; 401-849-5655
f.Brown & Howard Marina; 401-846-5100
g.Bowen’s Wharf; 401-324-4108
  1. Saturday, 8/25:  Fishers Island East Harbor Raft-up
  1. Sunday, 8/26: Cruise in Company to AYC

Questions: Fleet Captain Jim Murphy; 203-249-2345;



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